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Experience Frosty Fun in!

Get ready for a chilling and thrilling gaming experience in Engage in epic snowball fights against players from around the world in this exciting and fast-paced multiplayer game. Here's what awaits you in the frosty battleground:

Play Online:

Challenge opponents in real-time by playing online. Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland and prove your snowball-throwing skills against a global player base. Compete, strategize, and aim for victory in the snowy arena.

How to Play 3D:

Snowball Showdown: Dive into the snow-covered arena and engage in a snowball showdown. Roll your snowball, gather snow, and grow in size to become a formidable force.

Knock Opponents Off: Use your massive snowball to knock opponents off the icy platform. Strategize your movements to outmaneuver others and send them tumbling into the freezing water below.

Avoid Being Knocked: Stay on guard to avoid getting hit by larger snowballs. Be nimble and quick on your feet to dodge incoming attacks and maintain your position in the battle.

Tips and Tricks to Excel in

Size Matters: The larger your snowball, the more powerful your attacks become. Roll up as much snow as possible to increase your size and dominance on the battlefield.

Stay on the Move: Keep moving to avoid becoming an easy target. Constantly adjust your position, and use the environment to your advantage in dodging and attacking.

Outsmart Opponents: Plan your moves strategically. Trick opponents into making mistakes and capitalize on their errors to gain the upper hand in the snowball fight.

Different Modes in

Explore various game modes that add variety to the snowball battles. Whether you prefer free-for-all chaos, team-based challenges, or unique twists on the classic formula, offers diverse modes to keep the winter excitement going.

Controls of

Enjoy simple and responsive controls designed for easy navigation and quick actions. Maneuver your snowball with precision, aim accurately, and unleash your icy assaults effortlessly.

Game Rating and Publish Date:

Stay informed about's rating and release date. Keep an eye out for updates and seasonal events to make the most of your frosty adventures.

Bundle up, grab your snowball, and join the frosty fray in It's time to show off your snowball-throwing skills and become the king or queen of the winter battlefield!

Drag and swipe to control your snowball





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