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Dirty Them All: The Ultimate Cleaning Challenge!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and take on the mess in "Dirty Them All," the thrilling cleaning game that turns tidying up into an epic challenge. Dive into a variety of messy scenarios, utilize cleaning tools, and prove your cleaning prowess in this immersive and entertaining experience.

Messy Environments Await:
Embark on a cleaning adventure in diverse and cluttered environments. From dusty attics to messy kitchens, each level presents a unique cleaning challenge. Grab your cleaning gear and tackle the mess head-on as you strive to achieve a sparkling, spotless result.

Utilize a Variety of Cleaning Tools:
Equip yourself with an arsenal of cleaning tools to tackle different types of dirt and grime. From brooms and mops to vacuum cleaners and dusters, choose the right tools for the job and experience the satisfaction of transforming chaos into cleanliness.

Dynamic and Realistic Mess Simulation:
Experience a dynamic and realistic mess simulation that challenges your cleaning skills. Watch as dirt accumulates, spills spread, and clutter multiplies in real-time. Adapt your cleaning strategy to the evolving mess, providing a realistic and immersive cleaning experience.

Diverse Cleaning Challenges:
Face a variety of cleaning challenges, from basic tidying tasks to intense deep-cleaning missions. Each level introduces new obstacles, stains, and hidden messes, ensuring that your cleaning skills are put to the test in a variety of scenarios.

Earn Rewards and Upgrades:
Receive rewards and earn upgrades as you successfully complete cleaning challenges. Improve your cleaning tools, unlock new cleaning agents, and enhance your cleaning efficiency. Level up to take on more challenging environments and become the ultimate cleaning expert.

Time-Based Cleaning Missions:
Race against the clock in time-based cleaning missions. Test your speed and efficiency as you strive to clean up the mess within a specified time limit. The faster and more thorough your cleaning, the higher your score and the greater the reward.

Customizable Cleaning Avatar:
Personalize your cleaning avatar with a range of outfits and accessories. Show off your unique style as you tackle the mess, making the cleaning experience a reflection of your personality.

Compete with Friends:
Challenge your friends to a cleaning showdown and see who can achieve the cleanest results. Compare scores, share cleaning strategies, and turn the task of cleaning into a friendly competition.

Intuitive Controls for Effortless Cleaning:
Enjoy user-friendly controls designed for effortless cleaning. Swipe, tap, and drag your way through the mess with ease, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cleaning experience.

Entertaining Soundtrack:
Clean to the beat of an entertaining soundtrack that adds a fun and lively atmosphere to your cleaning missions. Let the music accompany you as you tackle each mess with enthusiasm and style.

Dirty Them All: Clean, Compete, Conquer!
"Dirty Them All" transforms cleaning into an exciting and challenging adventure. From messy rooms to cluttered spaces, your cleaning skills will be put to the test in this immersive game. Can you clean them all? Roll up your sleeves and start the ultimate cleaning challenge now!

Let's splash some dirt over the walking people near the road with this Dirty Them All game! Drive your car through the mud and splash it all around the other people. Let them chase you until the finish line. The more people chase, the more scores you get. Let this funny and entertaining adventure begin!


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