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Fire Idle is a single player firefighter simulator for mobile devices. It is also a Tycoon and a fire station simulator. Assemble your fire department and get on the fire truck

Simple gameplay is accompanied by interesting game mechanics

Time to test it! In this game, the city does not sleep for a second. New outbreaks occur constantly and you are the one who must put out the fire as soon as possible. Special equipment - a fire truck and a fire extinguisher - will help you.

Here's what makes this firefighter simulator stand out:

Special Mechanics

You are the only firefighter located in a small town. Your task is to extinguish the fire and as quickly as possible! The main feature of the game is speed. You must respond as quickly as possible to new challenges and save people in trouble.

For every fire extinguished, you receive money that can be spent on in-game upgrades. For example, you can improve the heroes and firefighters will run faster.

Also keep in mind that the level of difficulty increases over time. It is important to properly allocate resources in order to put out the fire on time!

The fire extinguisher is your friend

A fire extinguisher is the main tool that you will use. Please note that in this game the fire extinguisher supply is limited. Keep your tool charged and timed properly - if you run out of water, you won't be able to put out the fire quickly.

Use fire stations and hydrants, they will replenish fuel supplies.

Growing city

The firefighter simulator is constantly evolving and improving. The main principle is the development of the city and new locations. You will not have time to get used to the game, as there will be new fireplaces and new people who need help.

Unique development system

To have time to put out the fire, you must level up. To do this, use the coins that drop out after each task, upgrade your equipment and don't forget that the fire truck will help you move faster.

You can upgrade the fire extinguisher, the speed of the main character and the fire truck.

A real firefighter does not know the word peace! To level up and save people, you need to respond to new fires as quickly as possible. Pay attention to hints and immediately go to tasks - this way you will speed up your progress.

Настоящие пожарные не терпят промедлений, реагируйте на огонь сразу!

Convenient controls

One of the main features of this firefighter tycoon simulator is its convenient controls, which will suit even a beginner. Just sit down and play - the controls are intuitive and the optimization is top notch. Feel like a real fireman even if you are a beginner!

Pleasant music

Another feature that this firefighter simulator boasts is a pleasant musical accompaniment. Relax and enjoy the dynamic life in a small town that needs your help. Quality music is what makes fire fighting games really exciting.


Fire Idle is a firefighter game where you have to protect your city! Enjoy the pleasant graphics and music, upgrade the main character and his equipment, quickly respond to a fire signal and use vehicles - your fire truck will help put out fires even in the farthest corners of the city!

You will play the role of a firefighter and it is your duty to save the survivors from the fire. Here, new emergencies are constantly occurring and you need to be on standby and have to put out the fires as soon as possible! The fire extinguisher is your friend, if the props run out, you will not be able to put out the fire.


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