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Welcome to the world of Hamster Kingdom – join us in fairy tale floating islands with hundreds of kawaii hamsters!
➤World of Colors is waiting for you to discover:
- Many beautiful floating islands to conquer in each level: green pine forest, mushroom forest Thailand, Korean island, dangerous pirate island, lonely stone island, Europe ancient palace island, fairy tale peach island…
- Care and play with supper cute hamsters in sweetest accessories ever : panda hamster, carrot hamster, cheese, blackberry, banana, litchi, blueberry hamsters and hundreds of other kinds in the fairy land of animal Kingdom!
- Magical beanstalk, music fairy, Jo Jo family, magic red coat, chef hat and other toys are your big helps to raise hamster babies
- Enjoy the magic show of the fairies, wearing fruit accessories, dance and fly over the sky and feed the fruit balls to your pets
- Build lovely hamster cages in different styles: entertainment center, shopping mall, warehouse, main house, mushroom cages, stone and wood cages,...
- Hamster fairies helps the King of Hamster to spread magic, keeps life lasting in the Kingdom of fairy lands
- Anyone who loved fairy tale scene and hamster anime
- Cute game for pet, animals lovers.
- Games for little kids
- Even can be a lazy game :))
- Simply keep tapping into screen for every 30 seconds to feed and care hamster baby and rest 20 seconds.
- In the rest time, build your animal houses, call fruit hamter fairies to show up and music fairy to help, plant and harvest the beanstalk, unlock magic hamster toys, upgrade Jo Jo and hamter fairies…any many more to discover in the menu bar.
- Discover the beauty of next floating islands and decorate your own hamster heaven, give your hamster names, share with friends.
- Play easy mini games like lucky wheel and hamster race to get free gem.
- Prestige for to gain even more builder power and unlock more planets
- Beat your friends score on the leader board.
Back in the late Miocene epoch, there was an island--or maybe a group of islands-- in the Mediterranean Sea that was populated with fantastic giant beasts. It's a lesson in the very strange, but very real, powers of natural selection.
Create a hamster village like a fairy tale.
Just by looking at the happy hamster heaven will make your mind at ease.

- It's a game which anybody can enjoy.
- Collect various cute hamsters such as farmer, barista, woodcutter
- Create a fairy tale island as if you were in the middle of the Mediterranean
- Find different hamsters such as surfing hamsters, hamsters wearing doll clothes
This is a beautiful paradise for small hamsters. Let's build a village for the cute little hamsters! You can build buildings such as farmland, cafes, and restaurants for hamsters. Invite new hamsters to join this community. There are also funny hamsters dressed up as other animals waiting for you to discover! Come and play with the cute hamsters in Hamster Village!
- Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls!

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