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Play Hot Pot Rush: Get ready to serve up sizzling dishes in the high-energy culinary game, "Hot Pot Rush." As a master chef, you'll operate your own hot pot restaurant, cook delicious meals, and keep customers satisfied. Dive into the world of flavors, ingredients, and restaurant management as you strive to become the ultimate hot pot chef.

Game Features:

Hot Pot Cooking: Experience the art of hot pot cooking by preparing a wide variety of ingredients such as meats, vegetables, noodles, and more. Customize and create mouthwatering hot pot dishes to suit your customers' tastes.

Restaurant Management: Manage your very own hot pot restaurant. Take customer orders, cook dishes, and serve them piping hot. Keep an eye on customer satisfaction to earn tips and expand your culinary empire.

Ingredient Variety: Explore a vast selection of fresh ingredients and condiments to elevate your hot pot creations. Experiment with different combinations to discover unique and delicious flavors.

Challenging Orders: Fulfill customer orders with speed and accuracy. As the game progresses, orders become more complex, and customers become more demanding. Stay on your toes to meet their expectations.

Time Management: Test your time management skills as you juggle multiple orders and cooking stations simultaneously. Efficiency is key to success in this fast-paced restaurant environment.

Special Requests: Accommodate special requests and dietary preferences from your customers. Keep them coming back for more by providing exceptional service.

Upgrade Your Restaurant: Invest in restaurant upgrades and improvements to enhance your cooking abilities, increase seating capacity, and attract more customers.

Culinary Challenges: Take on various culinary challenges and missions to earn rewards and level up your chef skills. Show off your culinary prowess by completing these tasks.

Catering Events: Participate in special catering events and festivals to showcase your hot pot creations to a wider audience. Earn recognition and rewards for your culinary talents.

Vibrant Graphics: Immerse yourself in a colorful and lively restaurant setting with vibrant graphics and delightful animations.

Play "Hot Pot Rush" now and experience the excitement of running your own hot pot restaurant. Cook up a storm, satisfy hungry customers, and rise to the top as a renowned hot pot chef in this engaging and fast-paced culinary adventure.

Hot Pot Rush is a fondue running game. What flavor of hot pot do you like to eat? Spicy pot or tomato pot? Collect hot pots and ingredients to prepare food for customers. Prepare different ingredients such as cabbage, mushrooms, chicken thighs and more to expand your items. Avoid the obstacles, they won't pay you! Looking forward to your joining us! Become the best fondue master!





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